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Safe Use of Technology and the Internet

stay-safe_720x216Online Safety is an important part of our Safeguarding work. We teach children about this at an age appropriate level through assemblies, PHSCE and Computing lessons.

We understand that using technology is an accepted part of everyday life now and that most children will use games and apps for both learning and leisure. We are committed to promoting moderate use and know that using technology helps children develop skills they will need as modern adults. Whilst we have sophisticated filters in place that prevent them accessing unsuitable material at school, we are realistic about the fact they may still come across situations, websites, pictures or videos on the internet that shock or upset them, outside school. We firmly believe that children must be taught how to manage these risks themselves, and give them the tools and the knowledge of what to do if they come across something they don't like or understand. 

Technology is constantly changing and developing and it can be hard to keep up, parents frequently find their children are more 'clued-up' than they are.  

For some plain and simple advice about switching on home broadband filters, making phones and tablets as safe as possible and dealing with other e-safety issues then click on the link below to visit the Safer Internet Centre.


The NSPCC website has lots of information around what social media sites and apps are popular with children right now and what they actually do. There is also sensible advice about online gaming and gambling and lots of other ideas to discuss with your child how to stay safe online. 


Being a Good Role Model for your Child

We know that as a parent, you are your child's first teacher. Have you considered what you are modelling for your children when it comes to technology? Do you limit their screen time whilst constantly having your phone in your hand? Do you get involved with online arguments whilst your child is watching? Do you use filters and airbrushing to get a better photo? Do you talk about how many likes your last post or photo got? Your child could be quietly taking all this in, and start to copy you. How aware of age ratings on games and apps are you? Are your children allowed to watch adults or older family members play games that aren't appropriate? These are all things the 21st century parent needs to think about.

The ThinkuKnow website is a great place to find advice for parents and has a range of resources for different aged children, including 5-7 year olds. Click on the logo to visit.

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The VSCR (Video Standards Council Rating Board) has a family friendly website that explains what the PEGI (Pan European Game information) age rating of most games is and what the content is that merits that rating. Click on the image below to visit the website. 

The National Online Safety website is designed for schools but parents can set up a free account. NOS produce a sensible guide once a month for parents about new technology, new games, new apps and how to protect your children on their devices. Guides are written by industry experts and offer sensible, balanced and impartial advice. You can visit the website or read their guides by clicking on the icons below.

NOS Parent Guides to Technology

NOS Parent Guides to Gaming

NOS Parent Guides to Social Media

NOS Parent Guides to Online Mental Health Concerns

NOS Parent Guides to Streaming

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