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Staff List 2021/22


Teaching Staff

Head Teacher

Mrs Wendy Kelly

Please note that during 2021/22 we have 2 teachers absent on maternity leave; Mrs Rosie Grant, our EYFS Leader and Mrs Liz Palfreyman, our Assistant Head & Senco

West Class Teacher

Mr George Kettlewell 

North Class Teacher

Miss Stephanie Trowsdale

East Class Teacher

Mrs Rebecca Russell

South Class Teacher

Mrs Charlotte Greensmith

PPA Teacher  

Mrs Susan Clarke

Educational Teaching Assistants / Cover Supervisors

North Class

Miss Debbie Fox 

Mrs Natalie Smalley 

Mrs Bev Schofield

South Class

Mrs Jackie Kirkham

East Class

Mrs Tracey Grundell

West Class

Mrs Alex Noble

Mrs Holly Watson


Office Staff

School Administrator

Miss Claire Pringle

School Business Manager

Mrs Nicola Hill

Cleaning Staff


Mrs Julie Calvert


Mrs Elaine Gallant

Lunchtime Staff

Senior Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Wendy Steadman

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Christine Carr

Mrs Elaine Gallant

Lunchtime Playworkers

Mrs Michelle Kuss

Mrs Louise Walshaw




Mental Health & Wellbeing Staff

Emotional Health & Wellbeing Leader

Adult Mental Health First Aider

Mrs Wendy Kelly

These staff members are trained in supporting child and adult emotional health and wellbeing. If we can help, just ask.

Child Mental Health First Aiders

Mrs Natalie Smalley

Mrs Susan Clarke

Mrs Rebecca Russell

Emotional Literacy Support Assistant

Mrs Jackie Kirkham

Art Therapy Leader

Mrs Alex Noble


Breakfast Club 

Miss Debbie Fox & Mrs Natalie Smalley




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